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Want to win $500?

We're giving you the chance every weekday with the $500 Secret Sound.

Listen for when Blake tells you to call just before 8am, dial 5231 1063, and he'll play with you straight after the 8am news!

Competition commences Monday 3rd July 2017.

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Incorrect Guesses:

- A stapler

- Flicking a light switch

- switching on a switch in a fuse box

- a clock ticking

- the flicking of a lighter

- striking a match

- A flip flop/thong being slapped on the ground

- lighting a BBQ

- Putting a coffee pod in a coffee machine

- Clicking down a pen

- Stomping your foot on floorboards

- A typewriter

- Spraying a spray bottle

- Garden shearers

- Cutting with a pair of scissors

- Ripping of strips of Velcro

- Ripping off a Band-Aid

- Undoing a zip bag/sandwich bag

- Stepping on a rock

- Turning on/off an electric blanket

- changing an old tape recorder

- Kicking Gravel

- Unlocking a padlock

- Clicking down a computer mouse

Secret Sound 1 was scrunching up aluminium foil (congrats to Joanna from Cariah)

Secret Sound 2 was putting batteries into a remote (congrats to Jeff from Pirron Yallock)

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