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Who Finishes 5th?

  • Who Finishes 5th?

Five sides could still finish 5th

So we hit the final Round of the CDFL and we still have one spot left to fill for our final spot in the Top 5. So how can each side make it? Here is our look at the final round.

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4th. Alvie 9-8 124.83% vs. South Colac

The Swans cant miss the top five but could finish 5th. They are 24% ahead of 5th placed Simpson. If the Swans lose by 100+ point and Simpson win by 150+ points they will swap places. - Unlikely.

5th Simpson 8-9 100.78% vs. Western Eagles

To make it- Win by any margin

To miss- Lose to the Western Eagles, Irrewarra Beeac defeat Colac Imperials by 40-45 points or Apollo Bay defeat Birregurra by 40-45 points,

6th Apollo Bay 7-10 96.91% vs. Birregurra

To make it: Needs Simpson to lose, needs Irrewarra-Beeac to lose or win by under 30 points, Need to defeat Birregurra by 40-45 points.

To miss: Lose or win by under 40 points.

7th Irrewarra Beeac 7-10 96.26% vs. Colac Imperials

To make it: Needs Simpson and Apollo Bay to lose (Or the Bay to win by under 30 points) - Deaft the Colac Imperials by 40-45 points.

To miss: Lose

8th Otway Districts 7-10 69.00% vs. Lorne

To make it: Needs Simpson to lose by 250+ points, Apollo Bay and Irrewarra Beeac to lose and defeat Lorne by 250+ points.