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Warnings downgraded

Warnings downgraded


Peat fire smoke

Air quality warnings have been downgraded around the Cobden area peat fires.

New 'advice' alerts were issued late Wednesday afternoon by Vic Emergency.

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The peat fires have been emitting toxic gases since the St. Patrick's Day fires.

EPA Victoria set-up a series of monitoring stations in the area around the Cobrico and Elingamite peat fires.

They are now registering normal air quality more than one kilometre away from the fires.

Vic Emergency has issued new advisories to local residents.

"This Advice is being issued for poor air quality in the Cobrico, Elingamite North area which is unhealthy for people with sensitivities.

This Advice replaces the Warning - Air Quality issued at 7:50pm on 10 April 2018.

Recent EPA air quality measurements more than 1km away from the lake are showing normal air quality.

Smoke behavior may change with weather and winds, so conditions will continue to be monitored.

Smoke from the Cobrico peat fires is currently affecting air quality in the Cobrico, Elingamite North area.

Smoke can aggravate existing heart and lung conditions and cause irritated eyes, coughing and wheezing.

Smoke can affect people's health. You should be aware of the impacts of smoke on you and your family’s health.

What you should do:

Access free health assessments 8am-8pm at Terang Relief Centre, there are also Relief Centre personnel available from 10am-4pm.

Avoid areas within 1km from the lake edge.

Anyone experiencing wheezing, chest tightness and difficulty breathing should call Triple Zero (000).

If you have concerns about your health you should seek medical advice or call Nurse on Call on 1300 606 024.

For more information on smoke and your health visit the Better Health Channel.

If you are sensitive to smoke:

Some people are more sensitive to the effects of breathing in smoke.

You will be more sensitive to smoke if you have a heart or lung condition (including asthma), are pregnant, or are over 65. Children up to 14 are more sensitive to the effects of breathing in smoke.

If you are sensitive to smoke you should reduce prolonged or heavy physical activity. Where possible you should try to stay indoors.

If you have a heart or lung conditions you should take your medication as prescribed by your doctor.

If you are asthmatic, follow your asthma plan and carry reliever medication with you.

Impacts in your area:

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is currently monitoring air quality in the area.

It may be be smoky or hazy in your area.

Firefighters are actively working to suppress the peat fire near Lake Cobrico with the 4km water pipeline now operational and is being used to flood water into trenches that have been dug.

This message was issued by Country Fire Authority."

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