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Tower Closure An Issue

Tower Closure An Issue

Mt Gellibrand Fire Tower Closed for Summer

The Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Nick Wakeling will meet with Member for Polwarth Richard Riordan and local CFA representatives today to discuss the
recent decommissioning of the Mt Gellibrand Fire Tower.

The fire tower was decommissioned earlier this week, raising concern with local fire authorities around a potential lack of fire protection for the upcoming summer in our area after the CFA deemed the tower unsafe.

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Mr Riordan says the issue, which has supposedly been going on for around three years has left areas right across south west Victoria exposed to fires in what
could be one of the worst grass fire seasons on record.

“This tower has not been maintained properly despite warnings for three years and now it has been closed and deemed unsafe," he said.

"This is completely unacceptable and leaves CFA volunteers without a vital link in their information chain.”

“We are possibly facing one of our worst fire seasons on record and to have our region once again underfunded is completely unacceptable."

This manned tower is a critical element in our fire defence and our much needed eye in the sky giving real time information to the crews on the ground.”

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