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Timboon Hoon

Timboon Hoon

A Timboon man is facing a series of offences after a hoon driving spree

Police have been left in disbelief following a hoon driving spree in the Timboon area.

A 42-year-old Timboon man is expected to be charged with a series of offences after being seen hoon driving last Friday evening.

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Police said the man was in a Holden Commodore at the intersection of N Robilliards and Timboon-Curdievale Road.

The man conducted a series of burnouts and wheel spins before fishtailing up the Curdievale Road where he blew his rear tyres.

The incident was reported to police on Saturday who fused witness information to track down the burnt our Holden Commodore and the man at a Timboon address.

He was interviewed and charged on summons with driving offences.

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