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Tehan Wants Freedom Back

Tehan Wants Freedom Back

"Give People Their Freedom Back"

Ahead of the Victorian Premier being expected to announce an easing of restrictions for Metro Melbourne this weekend, Member for Wannon Dan Tehan has called on the state government to further ease restrictions statewide.

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Mr Tehan says it's time for Victorians to get their freedom back.

"What I'm hoping is that we see a very quick path out of the current restrictions, the numbers are down below the rolling average of 10, that ,means that people should get their freedom back," he said.

"I think that's what Melbournians want and I think it's what regional Victorians want, they want to see a further easing of restrictions."

"Use your contact tracing, use your testing, obviously making sure people are washing their hands, doing their social distancing, but give people back their freedom."

"I think we're 12 weeks now into what was meant to be six weeks and we're seeing mental health implications."

"It's time that they basically said 'look whatever we were aiming for, that is unattainable at the moment, but we can manage under 10, that's what's national cabinets aiming for.'"

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