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Photo source : Liberal Party of Australia website

Tehan Advice

Tehan Advice

Photo source : Liberal Party of Australia website

Keep each other safe & Schools to remain open

Member for Wannon and Education Minister, Dan Tehan says right now is the time we need to be looking after the elderly and most vulnerable members of our community.

Tehan says keeping safe personal hygiene as the nation deals with the Coronavirus outbreak is paramount.

"One of the most important things we have got to remember at a time like this is we look after each other, we do the right thing by each other. We make sure in particular that we're looking after our elderly and most vulnerable."

'We have also got to make sure that we are practicing the very best hygiene that we possible can, washing our hands with soap, using sanitiser, keeping safe distances from people and avoiding close personal contact unless it's absolutely necessary. Just doing good sensible, practical things as we deal with the spread of the coronavirus."

"We have got to remember as a nation, if we do the right thing we will get through this and we will be stronger as a community for doing it and we'll ultimately be stronger as a nation for getting through this."

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Moreover, discussions in parliament on Friday will review whether schools will remain open.

Until then, Tehan says the government stipulates schools should remain open.

"The Cabinet met on Sunday, they met last night, they'll meet again on Friday. They consider to look at all aspects of how we're dealing with the corona virus, including on what we should do with schools."

"Advice the government is getting from world leading medical experts is that schools should remain open.'

"Singapore which is held up as a gold standard for the way their dealing with with the pandemic, they have kept their schools open. The United kingdom has kept their schools open, the very best medical advice from some of the best experts in the world are saying schools should remain open and that's why they are remaining open."

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