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High School Health Funding

High School Health Funding

South West Secondary Schools To Receive Funding For Mental Health Support

South west secondary school students will soon have access to the school-based mental health support they need, thanks to the Victorian Government.

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Minister for Education James Merlino announced the timeline for the 2021 roll-out for Victorian government secondary schools across the state that will receive extra support under the Mental Health Practitioners initiative.

In recognition of the increased mental health challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, the roll-out has been brought forward to be completed by the end of 2021.

Under the initiative government secondary schools in the area will benefit from access to additional mental health support for their students next year.

The $51.2 million initiative, which began in July last year, provides funding to schools to recruit a mental health practitioner.

It will see qualified mental health professionals in every government secondary school campus across the state, including psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and mental health nurses.

Mental health practitioners offer counselling and early intervention services, and coordinate support for students with complex needs, linking them with broader allied and community health services.

All government secondary schools will receive between one and five days a week of support from a mental health practitioner depending on its size and requirements.

School students, whether they are learning remotely or attending school on-site, have been able to access mental health and wellbeing support during the pandemic.

Secondary school students can access counselling via a voice call or video conference through the Headspace counselling partnership or via their school-based mental health practitioner.

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