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Image: Pixabay

Mental Health Rise

Mental Health Rise

Image: Pixabay

Increase In Mental Health Cases As Pandemic Takes Its Toll

Health officials have been expressing their concern at how the trials and tribulations of the pandemic is affecting people's mental health.

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Project Officer at Colac Area Health Tamara Holmes says there's been a rising number of people using support lines during the pandemic.

"We've had a 29% increase in people using support phone lines like Beyond Blue and Lifeline, but also that 33% of young people increased in accessing emergency services for mental health issues," Holmes said.

"Now while I say that's frightening, it's also positive that people are reaching out for help," she said.

Holmes says young people are among those worst affected and dealing with mental adversity.

"I think for young people it is very challenging, they have all these expectations and often disappointment is when anxiety, worry and sadness can come into play, and young people are disappointed, it's supposed to be fun, they're supposed to be dressing up at sports days and having a great time," she said

Holmes has given some sound advice on staying connected and active to those who may be struggling mentally during lockdown and says it's important for us to develop routine while restrictions are in place.

"You know a routine is so important. Having breakfast, showering, planning your day. Exercising, eating healthy, all these things play a big part in keeping us healthy. I know we've heard it a lot during the last few months but try to worry about the now and what we can control. I think that's the thing that is worrying people the most, not knowing what may eventuate over the next few months. Take a breath, focus on the now and you'll be much better off."

If you're struggling or no someone who may be experiencing mental health battles, you can contact the below numbers and reach out for help:

Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4646

Lifeline: 13 11 14

Barwon Health Mental Health Community Help: 1300 763 254

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