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Police Fine Melbourne Man

Police Fine Melbourne Man

Man Hit With COVID Breach Fine For Travelling By Train From Melbourne To Warrnambool

Police have been left stunned after a Melbourne man went on a tour of south-west Victoria this week "to have a look around".

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The man in his late 20s was found sleeping in a Timboon laundrette last week, after police were notified there was an individual walking the streets not wearing a mask.

He was issued with a fine of $1652 for a COVID-19 breach and $200 fine for not wearing a mask.

He had travelled by train from suburban Melbourne on Tuesday where he reportedly journeyed to Geelong and on to Colac before getting off at Warrnambool's Sherwood Park station.

When questioned about a reason for travelling he simply told police he wanted to "have a look around".

After being issued with a fine by police, the man put his mask on incorrectly before returning to Melbourne.

He does not believe he had COVID-19 and had no symptoms.

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