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South West Vaccine Update

South West Vaccine Update

Over half the local population are now fully vaccinated

The Colac Otway Area has reached an important milestone in its effort to reach vaccination targets.

Latest vaccination data confirms the region is now above the 70% first dose target, with almost 72.9% of locals having received their first COVID jab.

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It keeps the area above the statewide figure which sits at 66.8%.

Neighbouring Shires are still fairing better, particularly the Surf Coast, with 85.4% of locals vaccinated, with 59.8% double dosed.

Corangamite is edging closer to 80 per cent first dose, sitting at 77.1%.

It means the South West region remains among the highest in the state, with 78.5% of the region's locals now vaccinated when combining the three shires.

Over half the local population are now fully vaccinated, that combined figure sits at 52.1%.

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