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Soil Nailing

  • Soil NailingSoil Nailing the Paddy's Path hillside at Wye River (photo thanks to VicRoads)

Work to stabilise Paddy's Path

Soil nailing across the landslide zone at Paddy's Path in Wye River is making good progress with 300 nails drilled into the hillside.

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The steel rods have been drilled into the hillside by specialist crews who abseil their mobile drilling tripods across the steep terrain.

VicRoads Regional Director Mark Koliba says it's a great relief to have the hillside stabilised which has reduced the risk of future landslides.

He says the work has been completed by specialist contractors.

"There's a drilling rig, which is on a trailer, which is anchored at the top of the hill.

"They basically abseil down and individually drill the individual the 300 holes."

Once the soil nailing is completed the hillside will be locked down with steel netting and environmental matting.

2800 indigenous plants will planted in to the hillside as well to reinstate the original vegetation.

Next a timber bridge will be built on steel piles across the landslide zone at Paddy's path to restore a pedestrian path that connects Separation Creek and Wye River.

More than 160 landslides occurred along the length of the Great Ocean Road during major storms in 2016.

VicRoads has been progressively repairing and stabilising hillsides that washed on to the Great Ocean Road.

The next project will focus on a dozen sites between Apollo Bay and Lorne along with another 30 sites between Separation Creek and Jamieson Creek.