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Cap Slashed

Cap Slashed

CDFNL Salary Cap Slashed Across Barwon Footy Region

In a letter to CDFNL Clubs this morning, AFL Barwon Boss Will McGregor has outlined that the CDFNL Salary Cap will be reduced from $80,000 to $60,000 for the next three years, to help protect the financial viability of the league after COVID.

AFL Barwon also announced a significant decrease to the Salary Cap for the Geelong Football League, from $145,000 to $100,000 - a $45,000 decrease.

You can view the statement from AFL Barwon below:

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Good Morning Colac DFNL Football Presidents,

I hope you are all well during this difficult time and the Colac community is on the rebound from a challenging few weeks for you all. Historically, APP limits have ballooned across the state to the point where club viability and sustainability is threatened. Club volunteer burden can be significantly reduced with a change to the current limits. AFL Barwon recognise the need to contain player payment in favor of clubs directing available fund towards other needs that might include infrastructure and facilities, junior programs and other additional club initiatives such as female football or reduced membership fees.

As you are aware, AFL Barwon administers the CDFNL Allowable Player Payment (APP) Limits and over the last month has completed the following steps:

- Survey to clubs to seek feedback regarding club thoughts on current and future APP Limits (Salary Cap)

- Completed own AFL Barwon analysis of previous years APP Limits spends per clubs and league averages

- Provided a recommendation to the CDFNL Board as well as AFL Barwon Commission for 2020 and 2021 APP Limits. This recommendation has been endorsed.

- Received endorsement from the AFL Victoria Community Club Sustainability Program Committee (CCSP)

Given the following steps have been completed, AFL Barwon is now in a position, on behalf of the CDFNL Board to inform you all of the 2020 APP and 2021 and beyond APP Limits.

To clarify, the 2021 CDFNL APP (Salary Cap) will be $60,000 (down from $80,000) and will be fixed for the next three years. AFL Barwon’s Commission, as well as the CDFNL Board reserve the right to alter this after an annual review. There will also be reporting requirements for 2020 and further detailed information will follow to guide you through those steps.

AFL Barwon is confident that this reduction in APP Limits removes volunteer burden and allows clubs to plan into the future with greater financial stability and viability.

To further inform you, AFL Barwon has also confirmed to APP Limits for the Geelong FNL ($145,000 to $140,000), Bellarine FNL and Geelong DFL.

This will give you clarity on a region wide approach regarding APP Limits which decisions have also been determined monitoring neighbouring leagues and state-wide reductions in 2021 APP Limits.

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