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Round In Circles

Round In Circles

Dispute Emerges Over New Roundabout

A dispute between Major Road Projects Victoria and road contractors is the reason behind the lack of safety lighting at the new roundabout on the intersection of the Colac-Ballarat Road, Princes Highway and Drapers Road.

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Member for Polwarth, Richard Riordan has written to the Minister for Roads Hon Jaala Pulford, calling on her to immediately step in to resolve the dispute that has dragged on for months.

Riordan stated the poles are in place ready to be turned on and that the need for the lighting was obvious.

“This bureaucratic bungling is putting lives at risk. Concerned constituents are reporting at least one accident a week and it won’t be long until there is a serious accident. The lights are in place waiting to be activated and I am alarmed at the lack of action despite many calls for the situation to be remedied.

“The large, busy roundabout at Colac-Ballarat Road is in almost complete darkness at night and this coupled with the use of dark material as a base covering, exacerbates the poor visibility. I don’t think we should wait until a life is lost to have this ridiculous situation remedied.

“This bureaucratic stuff-up makes a joke of the Government’s rhetoric about road safety.”

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