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Coronavirus Enquiry

Coronavirus Enquiry

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Riordan To Move Motion Into Coronavirus Enquiry

Member for Polwarth and Deputy Chair of the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee, Richard Riordan, will move a motion at this morning's meeting, with the support of minor parties, to bring back the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Covid-19 Pandemic early and to seek evidence from the Premier, Senior Ministers and Departmental Officers.

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Riordan said the government must answer questions on bungled quarantine management if all Victorians were to be kept safe.

“Following the complete breakdown in hotel quarantine management and now the lock down of suburbs and the unprecedented locking up of thousands of public housing tenants, the Victorian Government must answer to the Parliament and the people of Victoria.

"The recent announcement of a 3 million dollar inquiry, to be conducted by a former family court judge into the hotel quarantine debacle should be no excuse for Daniel Andrews and his senior ministers to refuse legitimate public scrutiny.

"Unlike, The Special Commission of Inquiry into the Ruby Princess, being publicly held in NSW, Daniel Andrews is using the pretence of a faux judicial inquiry to avoid having any of the Government's actions questioned by the public and the media.

"The Public Accounts and Estimates Committee ultimately has the power to subpoena even the Premier if it has too. Currently the Government has a casting vote, and so Daniel
Andrews can direct his committee members to support this open and frank Inquiry."

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