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Riordan Rallies Residents

Riordan Rallies Residents

Richard Riordan Rallies Behind Barwon Downs Residents

Barwon Downs residents are fed up with the lack of support from VicRoads, following numerous car crashes occurring along a popular Great Ocean Road alternative route.

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Local member for Polwarth, Richard Riordan, has rallied behind affected residents, offering his own solution to the problem.

“It’s a simple solution. Either redesign the corner, which there is ample opportunity to do or put some safety railing up so at least people can enjoy their own front yard with some degree of safety.”

“These families in Barwon Downs, there’s the two houses on each corner and week after week there’s someone running off the road either going through their fence or hitting their fence. In the case of the Pearsons they’ve got young children, they can’t play safely in their front yard. But it’s not only that, it’s the stress just not knowing whether someone’s about to come rearing through your front yard.”

“This is not just a ninety degree bend in a quiet country town, this is a ninety degree bend on one of the main alternate routes of The Great Ocean Road. So there are literally hundreds and hundreds of cars a day, mainly from people who are not familiar with the road, on it. And if this is not high risk, I don’t know what classification VicRoads have to determine a high risk road.”

“This is a serious issue. Time and time again we’ve got locals raising this as a great matter of concern. People just want to know that the other road users that they have to share the road with are on an equal footing and an equal understanding of the road rules. And there are some simple solutions that, time and time again, this government refuses to take on board.”

“Quite frankly, we don’t let our 18 year olds on the road without literally one-hundred and twenty hours of proper driving instruction and training. Plus they’ve also had the advantage of having sat in the car for a minimum of 18 years to watch how mum and dad drive and have a sense for Australian road rules. That’s not the case for many of these people that we’re finding in the accidents.”

“For many of them, it’s the first time they’ve driven a car and they’re driving in unfamiliar circumstances. We just need to put a protocol in place that works with these visitors, helps the visitors so they’re better drivers and also gives some confidence to people driving around our district that the roads are safe.”

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