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Ross Lyon

Problems in the West

Problems in the West

Ross Lyon

The latest on Ross Lyon

Mick Warner says the Ross Lyon issue engulfing Fremantle still isn’t resolved, despite the club’s defiant press conference on Friday.

The Melbourne Radio's 3AW newshound said while the club needed to front the press, it didn’t achieve much.

“It was a pretty embarrassing day for Fremantle and Ross Lyon,” Warner said on 3AW.

“It still doesn’t fix the situation, as far as I’m concerned.

“There’s a woman at the centre of this who still says she’s completely humiliated –their words, not mine – by the situation.”

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EARLIER: A defiant Ross Lyon says he holds “no fears” about the speculation surrounding him and his club.

The Dockers reaffirmed their “full commitment” to their coach on Friday.

The club has been the subject of much rumour and innuendo following revelations of an investigation into harassment involving a club official.

Fremantle president Dale Alcock, chief executive Steve Rosich and coach Lyon all fronted the media on Friday.

Lyon said he’d defend his “hard fought and hard earned” reputation in the AFL and encouraged “anyone that feels aggrieved to go through the official channels”.

“At no stage have I questioned my coaching or commitment to this club,” Lyon said.

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