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Preview- Otway Districts

  • Preview- Otway Districts

How will the Demons go in 2017?

If there was ever a time perfect for the Demons to rise up the ladder this is the year, so much promise for many years this year in the second year under coach Tom Mullane-Grant it’s time for Otway to reward their loyal followers with some successful results.

The Demons were able to narrow the gap on their margins of season’s past last year and were in multiple occasions in winnable positions late in their matches. They have added some fire power at either end of the ground and with the emergence of a handful of young talent the Demons might not be the easy-beats anymore. However they need to defeat a side other than a fellow bottom team like in the past, a big scalp early would do wonders for this side but the task may be a challenge with having to face the top three sides from last year in their opening three games of the season but by all reports the place a buzz and excitement is building, sometimes however with that exciting and expectations rising, pressure builds which has been the Demons achilles heel for a while.

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In: Sam Hickleton (Bannockburn) Shane Boyington (Rokewood) Eugene Stanciu (Belmont Lions) Ryan Thewlis (Belmont Lions) Lachie Buyel (Bell Park)

Out: Daniel Gage (Thomson)

The Key- Tom Mullane-Grant- A cult figure in country footy and is becoming a favorite player to the locals in the CDFL. He booted 76 goals last season in 17 games by kicking hauls of five or more on a continuous basis. No doubt for the Demons to add more wins on the board, Tom will need extra goal kickers on the board, he could build on his tally from last year which will also help the Dees out.

In for a big year - Ben Martin - Missed the second half of the season last year due to travel, there isn't many others who bleed the red and blue more then Benny who no doubt will be keen to fire this season. A reliable defender who could float forward a kick a dangerous goal.

Watch out for - Dale Trotter - 17 senior games last year along with 15 under 17 games, no doubt the Demons will be hoping Dale continue to progress to another step this season. He featured eight times in the Demons best players last year in his first year playing in the ones.

Prediction: 8th (4-8 wins)