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Riordan Calls On Premier

Riordan Calls On Premier

Richard Riordan Calls On Premier To Look After Regional Victoria

Local Member for Polwarth Richard Riordan has called on Premier Daniel Andrews to act on the Governments declaration of the 'state of emergency', and look after Regional Victorian's struggling to feed their families.

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Reports emerged yesterday that bus loads of people from places such as Melbourne and Geelong were raiding local supermarkets in Colac and surrounds.

Mr Riordan asked the Premier during the late stages of question time in Parliament yesterday to look after small towns and communities around Regional Victoria, who weren't being able to access basic groceries.

"Last night in Parliament, I had the opportunity to call on the Premier to enact his state of emergency powers to help communities like Colac. Some of our country towns around Victoria are really copping it and the stories we're hearing of people from Melbourne and surrounds coming to our country areas and stripping our supermarkets, butchers, bakers and candle stick makers, everybody of basic supplies. Until calm is restored and national buying is restored, the Government can use it's powers to really enforce really strict controls over what people are doing at the supermarket. I'm proposing for example that we go to a licence base, where people would need to show licences upon entering our supermarkets or people are allowed in on odds and even days," Mr Riordan said.

Mr Riordan said some low income earners in regional Victoria were doing it tough.

"The thought of this virus causing people to worry and stress and go hungry, it's concerning. In a community like Colac, we have low income earners who can't afford to go and buy two or three weeks worth of groceries. To be turning up to the supermarket and not being able to access fresh food is a terrible outcome from this virus. This can be fixed by the Government under a state of emergency, they have extreme powers. I'm really calling on Daniel Andrews to act quickly, because some calm needs to be restored quickly."

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