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Weekend Crackdown

Weekend Crackdown

Local Police Will Be Out In Force For Grand Final Weekend

Colac Police Senior Sergeant Ken Slingsby is reminding locals to comply with COVID restrictions this long weekend, despite the temptation of organising of grand finals viewing parties.

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"We've got our extra troops rostered for the weekend, we've got more cars on in the evening," he said.

"We'll be out there making sure the COVID-restrictions are still complied with."

Senior Sergeant Slingsby is also informing locals that police statewide are currently targeting speed and dangerous driving.

The crackdown named Operation Saturn, aims to make local roads safer.

"It's running through until the 8th of November, it's a big traffic operation," Senior Sergeant Slingsby said.

"We're mainly looking at excessive speed, but also targeting what we call that fatal five causes of road trauma which is; driver distractions, fatigue, impaired driving, alcohol or drugs and use of seatbelts."

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