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Petition To Fix Road

Petition To Fix Road

Cobden Locals Want Road Repaired

A number of Cobden residents are striving to have sections of the Lavers Hill-Cobden Road in Jancourt repaired.

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Andrew Chivell from Webber & Chivell Fertilisers, whose business uses the road often is urging locals to sign a new petition to get state government to repair the neglected road.

"As soon as we put our drivers on the road to get from job to job and they're crossing over these sections, it's putting our drivers in danger as well as the community but there's no responsibility taken by VicRoads or the Victorian Government," Mr. Chivell said.

"The roads been in pretty poor condition for a long long time and in almost the last six to 12 months it's deteriorated substantially," he said.

"We've made noise about this particular bit of road for years now and there's been zero effort to fix it."

Mr. Chivell revealed the petition has seen about a dozen pages signed already within the first week of it being released.

Several members of 'Progressing Cobden' are behind the cause and are encouraging locals to sign as well as garnering support from local politicians Richard Riordan MP and Roma Britnell MP, as the Shadow Roads Minister.

The petition is set to be submitted before Parliament's last sitting day, which is scheduled for December 10th where Ms. Britnell is expected to table it to the Roads Minister on the community's behalf.

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