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Land At Reserve Torn Up

Land At Reserve Torn Up

A Local Hoon Made The Most Of Muddy Conditions Tearing Up Sections Of Central Reserve

The Central Reserve Hockey field turf has been left completely destroyed as a senseless p-plater took the waterlogged surface as an opportunity to tear up the land in his vehicle.

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The offence was committed late last week after the barrage of rain Colac copped, as the driver used their dual-cab ute to spray mud across the field and onto surrounding properties.

The driver has since been caught after committing the act and could face a loss of license one he faces the Magistrates court, but also may be forced to pay for repairs to the damaged field.

The offender was able be tracked down thanks to neighboring security footage identifying the vehicle involved.

Local police have since said they take a zero-tolerance approach to such behavior, and hoped the charges the driver will face will deter reckless drivers from committing similar acts.

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