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Goal Smashed

Goal Smashed

Irrewarra Cricket Club Smash Fundraising Goal With Run To Raise

Raising funds for Let's Talk Colac was the motivation for Irrewarra Cricket Club members who took to the pavement on Saturday.

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Walking and running 980 kilometres, the club smashed their figurative "Colac to Adelaide" distance goal.

Organiser Jaccob Rodda said the local community had been extremely generous with their donations.

"There was a lot of hard work and effort from a lot of people, everyone was out there measuring their kilometres that they ticked over across the day.

"We overshot Adelaide, we ended up so close to 1,000 kilometres, ending up at about 980 across all the club members. We had 55 members participate in the day.

"There were other people who didn't go into our tally but they cycled hundreds of kilometres too. So it was great that the whole club was out there being active, there were so many photos and messages being shared across our pages.

"And it was all to raise awareness for our mental health support and to raise a few dollars for Let's Talk Colac who support those people that need education and help around mental health issues.

"It was fantastic, we've nearly already raised over $5,000 for Let's Talk Colac."

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