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Dumping Fines

Dumping Fines

Salvation Army Urge Residents To Not Dump Useless Items

Colac's Salvation Army are continuing to battle the war against the dumping of useless items, the problem growing daily.

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The mountain of unusable items is forcing the charity to have to invest in security, with resources that are meant to be going towards helping others needing to be used for themselves.

It follows the controversial fining of a Thornbury man who donated a bags of books to the charity, and was fined over $300 for littering.

Member for Polwarth Richard Riordan said the problem was becoming unmanageable, with people using charities as cheap alternatives to the tip.

"The rule on giving stuff to the Salvation Army or St Vincent's or whatever it is, if it's no good for you and it's broken and wrecked and you couldn't use it - no one else is going to use it. The Salvos are not a tip. Every single thing that you dump there that can't be used or rehoused, they have to pay someone to pack it up, stack it up and then pay the tip fee. It's not fair.

"They're going to have to now invest their own money, money that could be going to helping local people and local families, which is what the Salvos exist for - they have a choice. They want to help people but they going to be forced, they'll have to spend the money on cameras, on security."

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