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Ban Now Implemented

Ban Now Implemented

Mobile Phone Ban Now In All Victorian State Schools

With the ban on mobile phone use being implemented in public schools, it now means students must lock their phones away at the start of the day. Their mobile devices are only to be used when traveling to and from school.

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The new legislation is an effort to prevent distraction and curb cyber-bullying, with Victoria the first state to commit to a ban.

Colac Secondary Principal Scott Dellar said the transition had been without a hitch.

"The introduction has been incredibly smooth, we've had a very structured process around it. Evidence shows phone use has interfered with their learning. So by putting in legislation that removes that, we know we'll be able to form a better learning position for kids, more support in the classroom and adds to their level of concentration.

"The kids have been pretty phenomenal in the way they've taken the change. Our students have acted like great country kids, they're incredibly used to change. They've taken it on board very positively. I can't say enough about the support from families, parents, carers and students as a group."

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