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Minister In Apollo Bay

Minister In Apollo Bay

Minister Sees For Herself Why Port Needs More Funding

Colac Otway Mayor Jason Schram met with Minister for Regional Development, Agriculture and Resources, Jaclyn Symes in Apollo Bay on Tuesday, advocating for funding for the Port of Apollo Bay.

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Schram said the Port still needed a considerable amount of funding.

"We had a discussion with Jacyln and a tour of the Port of Apollo Bay. State Government recently gave us to $1.3 million to start some emergency works down there, so we showed her what we were going to do. We took her on a tour to show her why we need probably another $7 million to get the harbour in a fully fit, safe working environment.

"Initially we got some money for some dredging, but we'll need more. A lot of the break wall and lee wall and some of the piers, the concrete is old and deteriorated and sand seeps in. A lot of that needs work, especially with cars and things driving on that pier to service the fishing fleet. We need all that upgraded, it's old and dangerous. So if we can get that money, the sooner we get those works done the better."

"She said it was great to see the Port of Apollo Bay firsthand and what our needs are there. She was very impressed with some of the operations that we have going on there and the great work the Colac Otway Shire staff are doing. She said it was great to see why we needed the extra money and hopefully they can find it somewhere in the State Budget to help us fix up the access down there."

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