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Maxy's Top 50

Maxy's Top 50

Max Blake ranks his best 50 players for the 2018 CDFL season

1 - Mark McCormack (Lorne)

"Mark again had a wonderful season, he averaged 40 hit outs per CDFNL Live match and 20 disposals which is unheard of by ruck man. His dominance in the finals series helped his side too glory"

2 - Lewis Hollmer (Lorne)

"After blitzing the CDFL in 2013- Lewie returned and again dominated the league with a handful of big bags including three sets of nine goals- he gave the opposition defenders enormous grief"

3 - Mark Riley (Alvie)

"Runner up in the Mahoney Medal by a vote - but deserves his place right here. A fantastic tap ruckman who also can find the footy around the ground. I was impressed with his wet weather skills, normally on a wet day the taller blocks struggle, but Mark excelled"

4 - Stephen Salajan (BIrregurra)

"Stephen will go down as one of the greatest full backs in CDFL history. He had another stellar season holding down the big forwards but also sending the Saints out of defense"

5 - Kane Smartt (Lorne)

"Attacking midfielder who leads from the front. I love watching Kane play and this season he went to another level as a leader; He kicks hug clutch goals to get his side the momentum. He finally deserves being a Lorne premiership player"

6 - Brent Macleod (Apollo Bay)

"The bloke did his best despite getting tagged every week. 41 goals from a midfielder is impressive. He creates magic when he has the ball in his hands"

7 - Mick Davis (Birregurra)

"Yes i didn't have him in the top 20 at the start of the season, and he did miss out on interleague selection - but this old warrior proved us all wrong in what was one of his finest seasons. The ball winning machine went to another level and proved he isn't done with yet. It was a shame he missed out on playing in the Grand Final with his ankle injury but what a champ!"

8 - Tom Leishman (Simpson)

"Tom has always been a quality player, but since he became co-coach at the Tigers he has taken his game to another level. This year he was in his best form. He leads his side well."

9 - Tom Mullane-Grant (Otway Districts)

"Topped the goal kicking in the league in his final season at the Demons. He kicked some huge bags this season and was enjoyable to watch. He will be missed"

10 - Ollie Butler (Birregurra)

"We all know Butler's are reliable and Ollie again took his game to another level this season in defense. He is just one of those players you would picked first when picking a side as you know he will give you 100%"

11 - Darcy Leishman (Simpson)

"A quality defender who can also play a very good attacking role. Darcy didn't play a bad match this season (In our broadcast games) and again continues to improve each season"

12 - Khan Beckett (Irrewarra Beeac)

"The Rolls Royce of the CDFL averaged 38 disposals in our CDFNL Live broadcast matches this year. The Bombers were such a young side in 2018 and Khan lead them well across half back"

13 - Josh Black (South Colac)

"In his first season in the CDFL and leading South Colac - Josh was an instant star. Ball winning machine in the midfield but also an attacking forward as well"

14 - Lochie Rosevear (Alvie)

"One of the young guns of the CDFL - held his own across CHB and was rewarded a spot in the senior interleague match plus the Team Of The Year. Lochie has progressed very well over the last couple of the years.

15 - Dustin Walters (Alvie)

"We all love Dusty on CDFL Live, 50 + goals, a few hangers and just adding some excitement to the games. We all know this kid is going to be an awesome player....well he already is, but the sky is the limit for him"

16 - Dion Lawson (Apollo Bay)

"Under rated recruit to the league by many but after this season no doubt everyone would of taken notice of Dion. A ball winning magnet - but also he uses the footy so well"

17 - Jye Price (Western Eagles)

"Really took his game to another level this season and led the Eagles well in the midfield. No doubt it would of been hard work for Jye - but he deserves all the rewards he has earned this season"

18 - Todd Baudinette (South Colac)

"A star across half back for South Colac but also can go into the ruck. Despite a later start to the season - Todd still managed another bloody good season"

19 - Mitch Perkins (South Colac)

"Progressed well last season, but went another level in 2018. He is a now a very reliable defender down back for South. It was a shame he got injured late in the season and missed South;s finals campaign"

20 - Bailey Scott (Colac Imperials)

"The kid can play and play well. Can take a high flying mark, but also can win his own footy. He was exciting to watch in 2018"

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21 - Paul Ridout (Birregurra)

22 - Tom Cotton (Birregurra)

23 - James Rowan (Birregurra)

24 - Josh Woods (South Colac)

25 - Jack Moorfoot (Birregurra)

26 - Jack Parker (Birregurra)

27 - Adrian Murray (Colac Imperials)

28 - Jake O’Dwyer (South Colac)

29 - Sam Green (Birregurra)

30 - Christian Kelly (Birregurra)

31 - Brad Salmon (Simpson)

32 - Joel Tipping (Lorne)

33 - Joel Hayward (Simpson)

34 - Sean Holroyd (Lorne)

35 - Jeremy Spokes (Colac Imperials)

36 - Dylan Clissold (Otway Districts)

37 - Steven Oliver (Lorne)

38 - Andrew Kelly (Birregurra)

39 - Joel Menzies (South Colac)

40 - Jarrod Wight (Apollo Bay)

41 - Alex Burnett (Otway Districts)

42 - Matt Kelly (Alvie)

43 - Lachlan Mahoney (Apollo Bay)

44 - Chester Gardner (Simpson)

45 - Jackson Macleod (Apollo Bay)

46 - Tom Steven (Lorne)

47 - Sean Smartt (Lorne)

48 - Sean O’Neill (Birregurra)

49 - Rhys Tillack (Colac Imperials)

50 - Ben Cox (South Colac)

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