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Maccas Run Ends Badly

Maccas Run Ends Badly

Police have allegedly caught a woman driving 65km/h over the speed limit

An early morning Macca's run has left a 36-year-old Colac woman with a Court date, after being allegedly caught driving at excessive speed.

Police say they detected the woman's Holden Commodore sedan at around 7.40am Wednesday driving at 115km/h in a 50 zone along Hart Street Elliminyt.

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A police spokesperson said investigations led officers to tracking down the alleged offender at an Elliminyt address later on.

"Enquiries led investigating police to an address in Elliminyt, where a 36-year-old woman was identified as the offending driver at the time of the alleged offence," Police said.

When police asked for a reason for speeding, the woman reportedly said "to go and get McDonalds for breakfast."

Her vehicle has been impounded for 30 days at a cost of $1405 and she will have a future date at court to face numerous traffic charges.

If you were a witness to this incident please contact Colac Highway Patrol member Senior Constable Paul BARKER on 52328200

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