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Time Capsule

Time Capsule

Lorne Historical Society To Work On Time Capsule

VCAL students at Lorne Prep to 12 college are gathering information on local people's isolation experiences, to create a time capsule for the Lorne Historical Society.

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The 'Tales of A Local Lockdown,' or 'T.A.L.L project, will use the shared experiences as a way to educate future generations of the challenges the wider community currently face amidst a pandemic.

The students are have created the project in the form of an online platform, where Surf Coast locals can share insightful and thoughtful feedback on their individual insights regarding how they have approached the lockdown.

Their collation will create an historical snapshot of local peoples' experiences and will be stored within the online platform for community members and historians to access.

The students plan to showcase stories and artworks in collaboration with the Historical Society in November and beyond.

Those from Lorne, Apollo Bay, Wye River and further are encouraged to access the platform through to share their experiences or write to the school directly.

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