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Lock Up Your Property

Lock Up Your Property

Increased Burgs In Region

Warrnambool police have seen a spike in burglaries in the last couple of weeks with both city and rural properties targeted.

Senior Sergeant Brett Jackson says there have been 11 burglaries in the last week alone with eight of those from unlocked sheds and unlocked homes.

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Thousands of dollars worth of property has been stolen including chainsaws, quad bikes, power-tools, and batteries.

Senior Sergeant Brett Jackson says police are advising home and property owners to lock up their homes, their sheds, and their cars especially at night and when you are not at home.

He says if you have valuable equipment on your property take a photo of it and take down serial numbers, so if it does get stolen police have a point of reference.

Garages in residential areas are also a target if they are not locked at night. Police say they are easy to get into and then it's easy entry into your home.

Senior Sergeant Brett Jackson says lock up and make it hard for would be thieves.

If you see anyone suspicious in your neighbourhood police alert police.

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