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Loch Hart Festival Grant

Loch Hart Festival Grant

Local Festival Receives Major Boost

Loch Hart Music Festival has received a financial boost to begin locking in plans for the 2021 event.

The festival based on the Great Ocean Road in Princetown has scored $75,000, as the event looks to return in November after its cancellation last year.

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Director Jayden Bath says the funding is a huge help to the growing festival

"We started in 2018 and we had just under 500 people at that festival and then in 2019 we doubled to just under 1,000, in 2020 we don't know what would've happened but we were pretty excited we were going to come back with that growth," Mr. Bath said.

Mr. Bath said the festival pitched for the funding by proposing it will spend the money primarily on attracting local and regional artists to the festival.

"We put in an application to help bolster out lineup," he said.

"So we're going to be booking a big cohort of regional bands which being a regional festival is quite close to our heart."

'We kind of posed it to the government as we're the best people to put that money in our hands in order to enable these regional artists to perform in front of more audiences."

"They've obviously had it horrible over 2020 not being able to perform gigs and get out there and earn an income, so grants like this to events, festivals and venues go a long way to assisting those artists."

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