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Local Awarded Medal

Local Awarded Medal

Red Door Colac's Zoe Hudgell Awarded Polwarth Medal

Red Door Colac's Zoe Hudgell has been announced as the recipient of this years Polwarth Medal, awarded by local member Richard Riordan recognising local hero's.

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Ms. Hudgell was awarded the honour for the fundraising initiatives organised by Red Door throughout the year, including live concerts to raise money for the Bushfire Appeal, Colac Area Health, as well as promoting local hospitality businesses as a key organiser of Colac's 'Big Night In.'

Ms. Hudgell says she's grateful for the community she lives in.

"I was pretty shocked to receive it but very grateful to be acknowledged, it made me really reflect on how lucky I was to live in a community which has given me so much," she said.

"It was really nice but it's not really something you think about receiving but it was really nice and I'm lucky I've got a good village of people behind me to back all my crazy ideas in."

"This year out of any year, the whole community has stepped up, especially the business community and I think that I have the Red Door community as well to thank."

"Especially Nick Moloney as well, being a part of all my events and he's been a huge contributor to the success of this years fundraising."

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