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Learner comes off bike

  • Learner comes off bike

Learn motorcyclists loses control on Great Ocean Road

A learner has come off his motorbike on the Great Ocean Road, after losing control at Glenaire.

Police say the 21-year-old was only wearing thongs and shorts when he skidded at Ford River Bridge, near Castle Cove, Sunday April 16.

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He was treated by a passing German paramedic and two Melbourne trauma surgeons who happened to be travelling through the area at the time of accident.

Police say he is really lucky not to have been seriously hurt, despite suffering significant grazing to his arms, legs and ankles, when he was dragged along the bitumen by the bike.

Ambulance Victoria has advised he's been taken to Apollo Bay Hospital in a stable condition for further assessment.

Police say the learner only had his licence for two month.

High speed is being blamed for the incident.