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Landfill Levy Increase

Landfill Levy Increase

It will soon cost ratepayers more as the state's recycling plan gathers pace

On July 1, the state landfill levy is set to increase by 60% meaning it will cost ratepayers more as the state's recycling plan gathers pace.

Member for Polwarth Richard Riordan said the news is worrying for locals, with charities in particular needing to cough up more cash as residents continue to dump rubbish on the footpath.

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"People really need to think now, the agencies themselves are calculating that each organisation will be spending literally millions of dollars more to dump their rubbish," Mr. Riordan said.

"Those agencies don't get to dump their rubbish for free, they have to pay like everyone else," he said.

"When the cost of dumping increases 60% that's going to be a massive increase and a cost to their bottom line."

"You certainly see here in Colac after a weekend a lot of stuff dumped out the front of these places."

"The plea really is again, I mean we've said this many times, if you don't want it, it's broken and it's rubbish, don't drop it off at the charities."

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