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Interleague Side

  • Interleague Side

Officials have named a 25 man squad for Saturdays clash

CDFL officials have named a 25 man side for Saturday's Interleague clash with Horsham.

"We are awaiting to hear from VFL officials on the availability of Ben Cox and Tim Speirs before we named the 22" CDFL coach Steve O'Dowd said

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The 25 man squad

Liam McGuane (Alvie)

Andrew Kelly (Birregurra)

James Rowan (Birregurra)

Josh Weatherhead (Birregurra)

Jack Moorfoot (Birregurra)

Michael Bolitho (Birregurra)

Stephen Salajan (Birregurra)

Christian Kelly (Birregurra)

Sam Green (Birregurra)

Jeremy Spokes (Colac Imperials)

Dillyn Fedley (Irrewarra-Beeac)

Khan Beckett (Irrewarra-Beeac)

Jason Cartwright (Irrewarra-Beeac)

Sean Holroyd (Lorne)

Sean Smartt (Lorne)

Kane Smartt (Lorne)

Tom Mullane-Grant (Otway Districts)

Tom Leishman (Simpson)

Darcy Leishman (Simpson)

Daniel Razga (Simpson)

Dave Marendaz (South Colac)

Jake O'Dywer (South Colac)

Ben Cox (South Colac)

Tim Speirs (South Colac)

Matt Kenny (Western Eagles)