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Image: Pixabay

Increased Cyber Attacks

Increased Cyber Attacks

Image: Pixabay

Increased Cyber Attacks With Reports Of Local Businesses Affected

After the hacking of Barwon Health and reports of local Colac businesses also being attacked by cybercrims, locals are being urged to be cautious, especially with the increase activity predicted with Christmas coinciding with online shopping.

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Garrett O'Hara from cybersecurity firm Mimecast said it's important to stay alert and to never interact with suspicious emails or messages.

"Online scams involving identity theft or the loss of personal or banking information have cost Australians close to $17 million this year alone – which is likely only the tip of the iceberg, as many sheepish victims feel too embarrassed to report the scam to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

"Do not forward vendor emails to your friends, family or colleagues – particularly if they contain offers that seem too good to be true. Cybercriminals will pretend to be your favourite retailer to embed malware in an email, and if you forward their correspondence, you’re helping propagate the attacks to more people. Instead, tell your loved ones about relevant deals and encourage them to visit the vendor’s website by typing it in to their browser, rather than clicking on a link within an email."

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