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Bluewater Gym

Bluewater Gym

Bluewater Gym Now Open For Sessions

As of yesterday, Bluewater has held their first gym session since lockdown commenced.

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Manager Lucy Vesey said there were still a number of rules both the gym and pool facilities had to abide by.

"A maximum number of 20 people in the gym area at any time and social distancing must be observed at all times. The gym will open through a booking-only system similar to the pool system which has been working well since the pool reopening.

“Gym sessions for 75 minutes can be booked by contacting Bluewater and there will be 15 minutes in between each session for cleaning to be performed.

“Change rooms, toilets and showers will be open across the facility for use with strict social distancing enforced in these areas. Patrons can only use showers and change rooms during their booked session times to allow for staff to clean these areas in between sessions.

“Gym users will be required to bring a towel and they must wipe down equipment with sanitising wipes provided, before and after use. Users may be denied entry if they do not follow these strict hygiene practices which are in place to keep all of our users as safe as possible."

The lockdown period had, however, been a great time for renovating the facility Vesey said;

“We have been able to complete a planned refurbishment of a section of the gym including replacement of outdated equipment with new equipment including an Olympic lifting platform, stair masters, and an additional power rack, which our members had asked for. The floor has been strengthened to accommodate the new equipment, there’s a new music system and we’ve had a chance to give the area a fresh coat of paint while the gym has been forced to close in accordance with COVID19 restrictions."

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