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Grand Plan For Piano

College inches closer to purchase

Trinity College Colac are a step closer to purchasing a grand piano for their soon-to-be-completed new performing arts complex, with an idea created by locals Therese and Chris Quinn, who are parents of former students at the College.

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Chris is a former College board member, inviting people to purchase a piano key to go towards the cost of the purchase.

Trinity College Principal Tim O'Farrell says it's great to see the idea coming to fruition, and that from little things big things grow.

The College are hoping to have some old Collegians come back and play on the piano once it arrives.

Each of the 88 keys in the fundraising process is being sold for $250, hoping to raise $30,000 for the purchase of the piano, trolley, stool and cover.
The name of the purchaser, be it an individual, family, company or club, will be placed on a piano-style plaque in the performing arts complex.

If you'd like to contribute to the fundraising for the grand piano, contact Trinity College.