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Tigers Say No

Tigers Say No

Colac Tigers Opt Out Of AFL Barwon Competition In Geelong

The Colac Tigers have confirmed they won't be sending Junior Football and Netball teams to Geelong, in the revised AFL Barwon junior competitions starting later in July.

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Colac Tigers President Matt Gibson said it was a whole club decision, made after collecting data from parents and players across both football and netball.

"Getting all the data in and having some discussions with both the footy and the netball departments, the overwhelming response was in the end is that we're gonna opt out, and there were a few reasons behind that decision."

"The response to the survey was moderate, that was one item. A number of people didn't respond, which we assumed was a lack of interest. Also, the fact that we'd be going down to Geelong every week is that we didn't want to jeopardise the rest of the Colac community as well, who to this point has done a really good job at dealing with COVID.

The revised AFL Barwon competitions are scheduled to start for Junior football on Saturday July 18, while Netball will begin on Tuesday July 21.

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