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Footy Show Returns

  • Footy Show ReturnsHe's back! Photo: Twitter: @AFLFootyShow

Did the Footy Show live up to the hype?

It's back. Although a lot has changed in the 12 years since the last time Eddie hosted the show that made him famous.

According to The Age:

After a two-week break to refresh, revive and reboot, the embattled 23-year-old Footy Showmade its return with revamped credits, a new set and a strong show of unity.

.Alongside co-host Rebecca Maddern, controversy magnet Sam Newman and comedian Dave Hughes, he (eddie) bounded on to the set of the show ... and opened with his trademark exclamation: "What a big week it's been in footy!"

The Herald Sun called it, "a solid and safe first outing and predicted an audience of over 300,000 viewers.

Will the changes be enough to save the ailing franchise or will the 'back to the future' approach give the show a few more years?


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Before the show, Sam Newman was interviewed by Melbourne radio's Neil Mitchell.

Sam opened up on a number of issues:

That sook in the last episode:

“It had nothing to do with Eddie,” Sam said.

“It was just a silent protest about where the world is heading.”

Donning a dress to send up the AFL sex scandal

Sam said he wouldn’t be dressing in drag tonight.

“No because it’s not topical any more, I thought it was very appropriate for the week that it happened.”

His ‘hero’ Donald Trump

“Donald Trump is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to America.”

Political correctness in footy

“It’s become a political cauldron to promote every cause, people want to go to the footy to get away from all that.”

Jobe Watson

“He’ll always be a Brownlow medallist”

Craig Hutchison

“He did nothing wrong, he’s a very good man, he’s very competent with what he does.”

The alleged spat over who sits in which seat

“I think she (Bec Maddern) was a bit unhappy about sitting too close to me.”

Street Talk coming back to the show

“Oh no that’s another casualty of the politically correct age we live in.”