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Firearm Safety Urged

Firearm Safety Urged

Locals Are Being Urged To Remember Firearm Safety

Colac Police Senior Sergeant Ken Slingsby is putting the message out to gun users after an incident this week saw a teenager unintentionally discharge a firearm into his foot.

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"We're a country area and firearms are around, people have got them on their farms, there's hunters and everything out there," he said.

"We've had a couple of accidental discharges over the last week, the last one being a young teenager's accidentally shot himself in the foot."

"We've just got to be really really careful with our firearm safety."

"Treat every firearm as if it's loaded, point it in a safe direction, only load it when you're ready to fire at something and also you've gotta check and be aware of what's between you and your target."

"A bullet can go off anywhere, you've just gotta be very very careful I can't reiterate that enough."

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