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Burnout Ends With Impound

Burnout Ends With Impound

A Local Woman Will Have Some Explaining To Do After Getting Partner's Car Impouned

In the early hours of Thursday morning a 33-year-old Elliminyt woman was caught doing a large burnout at the intersection of Main and Tulloh streets.

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Local police noticed a large amount of tyre smoke and eventually intercepted the offender at Beechy Court where she was then questioned.

The female’s vehicle which belonged to her partner was impounded at a cost of over $1,500.

She will face court at a later date on a raft of dangerous driving charges including careless driving and driving in a dangerous manner.

Meanwhile on the same morning, a 36-year-old local woman was arrested Thursday morning following detectives executing a search warrant at the woman's Ligar Street property.

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