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Duplication update

  • Duplication update

Bridge construction work underway

Winter has imposed some limitations on what work can be completed on the Princes Highway duplication between Winchelsea and Colac.

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VicRoads contractors have turned their attention to building two bridges over the Warrnambool Line.

Project Director Tim Price says removing and upgrading railway crossings is an important aspect of the project, to separate trains and traffic.

"With the weather being a little wet, it's a good opportunity for us to continue the bridge works and work on the areas where we are pouring concrete.

"The bridges are coming along nicely, through these wetter months and things are progressing really well at the two locations where we cross the Geelong Warrnambool railway line."

Work has also begun to rehabilitate an old section of the highway, after traffic was switched onto the new carriageway between Winchelsea and Armytage Road.

"There will be improvement of drainage but also, esstenitally future proof the road, for into the future.

"So it gives us a good opportunity to upgrade the road and to have it to the new standard."

Mr Price says the wet conditions places some limitations but hopes works to progress faster in spring.