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Data Shows Increase

Data Shows Increase

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Increase In Drug Offender Apprehension Across Our Region

As local police continue to tackle the drug problem across Western Victoria, statewide data shows more people are being apprehended with possession and/or under the influence.

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The number of people caught with cocaine is up 218%, while those possessing the drug ice is up 144% in 5 years.

Around 3.1 million Australians reported using some form of illicit drug, over 12% of the entire population, the most commonly used being forms of cannabis.

Assistant Commissioner Glenn Weir says the use of drugs in regional areas is a major issue.

"You know, people see aggravated burglaries, and we know a number of those are related to the drug trade. Certainly in regional Victoria, it's one of the issues I face daily, in trying to ensure community safety."

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