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Colac Drug Drivers

Colac Drug Drivers

Two Men Caught Under The Influence Of Drugs On Saturday Night

Colac Highway Patrol have confirmed the detection of two drug drivers over Saturday night.

A 48 year old Colac male known to police was apprehended on the Colac-Ballarat Road in Beaufort at 10pm Saturday, police stating the man was positive for methamphetamine.

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Later on in the evening, Highway Patrol also apprehended a 28 year male from Winchelsea under the influence of methamphetamine on Murray Street, just after midnight.

Both men will be facing the Colac Magistrates Court at a later date.

Acting Sergeant Jamie Kahle stated Highway Patrol was happy with the outcome regarding drink driving, confirming out of the 30 intercepted preliminary breath tests completed on Saturday night, no positive testing was returned.

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