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Tests Conducted

Tests Conducted

Drink Driving Crackdown The Focus For Colac Police

Drivers can expect to see more police patrolling as road safety operations ramp up ahead of Christmas.

Highway Patrol and Uniform members conducted over 140 preliminary breath tests and 5 drug tests earlier this week.

Victoria Police announced earlier in the week that Booze Buses will return in their droves across the state, with COVID infection numbers low.

Senior Seargent Ken Slingsby reminded people not to get behind the wheel if they're under the influence.

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"Statewide, we're focusing on drug and alcohol tests. As you saw a fortnight ago, our operation in Colac saw a number of drug drivers picked up. We'll now hammer down drink driving and have a real focus on that," Mr Slingsby said.

"If you drink or consume drugs, and I urge you not to do that latter, don't drive, it's pretty simple."

Slingsby also reminded locals to remain extra vigilant on the roads over the coming months, with tourists expected to return to our region after the end of the Metro-Regional Victorian border.

"This weekend especially. Just be more alert and more careful. People in Melbourne are expected to visit our area which is great, but this will mean an increased traffic load and more drivers who are unfamiliar with our area, so please stay careful on our roads."

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