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No Cases In Colac

No Cases In Colac

DHHS Confirm No COVID-19 Cases In Colac

DHHS have confirmed there are no known cases of coronavirus in the Colac Otway or Corangamite areas - however - 4 known cases have now officially been documented in the Surf Coast area and Warrnambool are also reporting 4.

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Member for Wannon Dan Tehan said different states and territories were implementing different levels of lockdown due to the different rate at which the virus was spreading.

He said it was hard to estimate when certain measures would come into play.

"The decisions as to what are the next stages will depend where and how the virus are spreading. You could have for instance a circumstance where some states could move earlier than others, because of the nature of the spread in their state. This will continue to be considered by national cabinet based on that expert medical advice, so it's very hard for me to say exactly what date and time a state will go to a next stage," Mr Tehan said.

The Wannon MP encouraged people to continue to abide by social distancing laws to help flatten the curve.

"Everyone just needs to be rest assured, it's all based on the medical advice and how best we can flatten it. The thing that will make the best difference to us being able to flatten the curve is peoples willingness to want to take up that national effort to socially distance properly, that's the most crucial thing. See it as a national duty to help us get through this."

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