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Voting Closes Friday

Voting Closes Friday

A Reminder That Voting Closes Tomorrow For Local Council Elections

Residents of the Colac Otway and Corangamite areas have been reminded our completed ballot papers for this month's local government elections, must be in the mail or hand-delivered to the election office by 6 pm Friday.

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Electoral Commissioner Warwick Gately said local councils make all kinds of decisions for their communities making it important that we exercise our right to vote.

Although Mr. Gately revealed that local council voters across the State have responded to the call to get their votes returned asap and it is expected that the turnout for these elections will exceed the 2016 response.

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) has been running a multi-pronged communication campaign to encourage voters to return completed ballots as soon as possible.

“I am impressed by the rate of ballot returns compared with the same time in 2016. We are tracking above where we expected to be and are appreciative of the public’s response,” says Mr Gately.

In 2016 an average of 72% of people participated in the elections; voting was not compulsory for some categories of voters. Mr Gately says that the ballot return rate was expected to exceed the 75% anticipated average return for this year’s elections.

“Our reminders have generated large call volumes and we’ve increased call centre staff in response,” says Mr Gately.

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