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New Advisory

New Advisory

New Advisory For Corangamite Catchment Authority

The Corangamite Catchment Management Authority have launched a new community advisory body known as the Community Engagement Network.

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The CCMA is seeking individuals interested in applying for the board, to enhance public perspectives on how Corangamite's natural resources should be managed.

The forum will allow members to exchange views and give input on issues facing their communities.

CCMA CEO John Riddiford stated the new community engagement network will run for a three year term and members will be remunerated for their contribution.

“As a Catchment Management Authority, our key role is to improve the health of our natural resources and sustainable productivity of the Corangamite region. We can only achieve this by working with the community.

Of the types of people the CEN hopes to attract, Mr Riddiford said; “You might run a business that uses natural resources or be employed by one. You might be a farmer or like to relax by bushwalking or bird watching or be part of an outdoor club. All of these provide a unique insight into our natural resources”.

For more information on the application process or the role of the Community Engagement Network, please visit or contact the Corangamite CMA on 1800 002 262.

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