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Cold Start To July

Cold Start To July

Cold Fronts Expected Over Southwest Regions

The full force of winter is expected this week with several cold fronts sweeping through the state.

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Rain, wind, frosts and freezing temperatures are all predicted, with each front to include a shower or two. The week will accumulate decent rainfall.

Richard Carlyon, Senior Forecaster from the Bureau of Meteorology, described the week's weather as 'a conga line'.

"This week will be dominated by a high pressure system which will be slow moving over the next few days.

"We're likely to see the first of a series of cold fronts approach us late Tuesday and then basically a cold front a day, a conga line of cold fronts moving through the state from Tuesday to Friday.

"The second one on late Wednesday and early Thursday is likely to be the strongest front. It'll bring the strongest winds and also the wettest conditions, particularly in the southwest and northeast parts of the state.

"Each front may not bring particularly heavy rain, but the series of fronts should bring reasonable rain over the three or four day period. The northeast ranges and the southwest are likely to see the highest amount of rainfall, around 20 to 50mm building up over those three or four days."

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